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12 - 18 March 2005

After the very succesful first exposition of Thai martial art March 2004, every body that attended was so impressed with the experience and knowledge that gain during courses not to mention the fun and many excited time has asked for the next course,so the next course will be more adventure.


12 bis 14.März 2005

Unique army officer training on beautiful army area in Nakorn Nayok city and province. All participants get the special army uniform, including tower parachute jumping, jungle surviving program, using of many weapons and unarmed combats.


15 bis 16 März 2005

Traditional Muaythai and Krabi Krabong training at Ratchaburi City.


17.März 2005

1st MUAY THAI BORAN WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP on World Muaythai Day at Ratchaburi City. For participation condition, weightclass etc., see the Muay Boran WC Invitation.


18. March 2005

Visit at the special sacred site of the Ancient Capital City of Ayudhaya, (The spiritual home of many Thai fighters Legends such as „The Tiger King“, Nai Khanomtom.

Evening back to Bangkok, either go back home or 1 week longer to WMF Worldchampionship with WPMF Worldmeeting.


Please inform all of your AITMA member who has interest to part on this training and Muay Boran Worldchamionship.:

    1. Spezial training in unarm combat and jungle warfare.

2. Seminar of traditional Muay Boran

3. Way Kru Ceremonie of Muaythai and Krabi Krabong

4. Demonstration of sward (Krabi Krabong)

5. Muay Boran (traditional Muaythai) competition

                  6. You can extend more day after at the seaside


REGISTER FEE   250 € per person, ROOM CHARGE 10 €

per person in dubble room incl., breakfast.

Info and payment under cayword „AITMA“ before 26. January 2005,

Branko Grimsic

( AITMA Committee & European Cordinator)

POB 1355,51691 Bergneustadt,

e-mail:, tel.0178 4340627, fax: 02261 949288


Chinawut Sirisompan

AITMA Vicepresident and Registrar of Kru Muaythai Association

54 Portland street, Manchester M1 4QU

fax. +44 161 678 1612, E-mail:


Channarong Suhongsa

AITMA President

Dirrecter by Nakonnayok Provincial, Ministry of Tourism and Sports

Tel. 037 313283, 09 2450095, E-mail:,




17 März 2005

Organized by:   AITMA Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts in coordination with Institut of Muaythai Education by Muban Chom Bueng Rajabhat University and Arsom Silp College of Interdisciplinary Arts


This is a competition in Martial Arts as Muaythai Boran


Weightclass – male

Kru Chit category“                                            max 50 kg

Kru Pajon category“                                         50 to 55 kg

Kru Seup category“                                         55 to 60 kg

Kru Jaruay category“                                       60 to 65 kg

Kru Sawang category“                                     65 to 70 kg

             Kru Kim Seng category“ (no limit)                           +70 kg

Weightclass - female

Kru Chinawut categorie“                                   max 50 kg

Kru Channarong categorie“                               50 to 55 kg

Kru Pho categorie“                                           55 to 60 kg

Kru Dej categorie“                                            60 to 65 kg

Kru Yodtong categorie“                                      65 to 70 kg

Kru Keattisak categorie“ (no Limit)                           + 70 kg


The Grundfloor measures

6 x 6 m oder 7 x 7 m synthetic rubber floor


Competitors must wear Muaythai Boran uniform which are Mongkon, Prajiad, vest, Boran shorts and rope or soft hand bandages.


The competitors must be the same persons of both Wai Kru performance and the Art of Mai Muaythai.

For this event, if the number of team attended in cach weight category is over than 10 teams, there will be the qualifying rond. If not, it is the final round competition

Competition and Time of Competition

Before the fight of each competition, the competitors have to perform Wai Kru and Ram Muay within 4 – 5 minutes.

After that the competitors have to perform the art of Mai Muaythai within 2 – 3 minutes.

Points Evaluation

Tthe points are divided into 2 parts


I Part – Wai Kru Performance

The styles of Wai Kru and Ram Muay such as Tawai, Bank Kom, Khuen Phom,

Yang Sam Khum,

Yang Suk Kasem together with the others selected Ram Muay.

The creativity of Ram Muay performance (not be rude style).

The harmony of Ram Muay and Muaythai music.

Time used (within the time limited or not).

Dress will be pointed.


II Part – The Art of Mai Muaythai

Tthe skills of defense and the tricks of attack.

The skills of Mai Muaythai performance at least 10 Mai Muaythai.

The integration of tricks and the most real performance.

Time used (within the time limited or not)

Dress will be pointed.



Trophies for each weight category rank by the:


The first runner up,

The second runner up,

 „Nai Khanom Tom Trophy“

(Total Score for each sex category),

The competitions certifikate for all competitors


Competition Date, Time and Place

Register Date & Time: 16.March 2005 um 6.00 P.M.

Team Manager meeting: 7.00 P.M.

Competition Date & Time: 17.March.2005  9.00 A.M.

Place: Ratchaburi

Explanation about Weightclass

  1. Kru Chit categorie“ – it´s abot Grandmaster Vichit Cheechern, his teacher was  Grandmaster Sueb Junta Kao Sol, unicue existing Muay Boran Grandmaster by teching Muay Boran in Bangkok Physical Education.

  2. Kru Pajon categorie“ – it´s abot Grandmaster Pajon Muangson, one of the best and friend of Grandmaster Sueb Junta Kao Sol.

  3. Kru Seup categorie – it´s about Grandmaster Sueb Juntana Kao Sol, the highest existing and unicue Grandmaster by teaching Muay Boran performance technics by Physical Education in Bangkok. His teacher was, before 20 year pass away Muay Boran Grandmaster Sawaeng Siripry.

  4. Kru Jaruay categorie“ –  it´s abot Grandmaster Juruay Kenwong Kam.

  5. Kru Sawang Kategorie“ – it´about, maybe  greatest Muay Boran Expert, Grandmaster Sawaen Siripry, who pass away before 20 year and educate by faculty and school. He has maybe probable the best study knowingness against Grand, Grand, Grand…..Muay Boran Master Nai Kanom Tom, who on 17.march 1770, as Burma King Thai peple disregard, with he single handed 10 Burmes fighter defeated and glory for Thai people reconquer.

  6. Kru Kim Seng Kategorie“ – it´s about Grandmaster Kim Seng (pass away before 20 years).

  7. Kru Chinawut“ – Grandmaster Chinawut Sirisompan (AITMA Vice president)

  8. Kru Channarong“ – Grandmaster Channarong Suhongsa (AITMA president)  

  9. Kru Pho Kategorie“ – Grandmaster Pho Sawan

  10. Kru Dej Kategorie“ – Grandmaster Jaradet Ulit

  11. Kru Yodthong Kategorie – Grandmaster Sity Yodthong

  12. Kru Keattisak Kategorie“ – Grandmaster Itchijana Keattisak

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AITMA Seminars
Thailand 2005 

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