Muaythai Curriculum



The following is a short description of the hierarchy of proficiency of students, Instructors and Masters in the art of Muay Thai.



15. Khan

Principal Muaythai Master (B Ra Ma Jarn)

(Gold Mongkon / Prajeat)

The Principal Master shall be responsible for teaching many students the traditional values and skills necessary for the natural growth, harmony and development of Muay Thai. He shall be primarily responsible for the training and educational standards of the sport in the many schools, clubs and camps.


14. Khan

Muaythai Master (Arjarn)

(Silver Mongkon / Prajeat)

The Master shall have a thorough and proper understanding of the principles of Muay Thai. The Master shall embody both technical and practical skills to a standard of excellence.




13. Khan

Senior Instructor (Kru Yai)

(Red-Silver Mongkon/Prajeat)

(Chief Instructor who is the AITMA Representative)

The Senior Instructor shall be an established and accomplished instructor, with a strong and dedicated foundation in Muay Thai.


12. Khan

Instructor (Kru)

(Red-Yellow Mongkon/Prajeat)

The Instructor shall be well versed in all the principles and techniques of Muay Thai, and will be able to teach these to his students to a high standard recognised by the A.I.T.M.A.


11. Khan

Trainee Instructors

(Red-White Mongkon/Prajeat)

Trainee Instructors shall have had several years (2-5) of experience in the art, passed all grading syllabuses and have shown their ability to be of a high calibre, with a willingness to help others.



This shows the levels, approximate minimum training periods necessary to achieve the levels and the appropriate identification that should be worn at training sessions and at competitions.


10. Khan

(Red Mongkon/Pradjeat)

27 Months plus

9. Khan

(Brown-White Mongkon/Prajeat)

24 - 27 Month

8. Khan

(Brown Mongkon/Pradjeat)

15 – 18 Months

7. Khan

(Blue-White Mongkon/Pradjeat)

15 – 18 Months

6. Khan

(Blue Mongkon/Pradjeat)

15 – 18 Months

5. Khan

(Geen-White Pradjeat)

12 – 15 Months

4. Khan

(Green Pradjeat)

9 – 12 Months

3. Khan

(Yellow-White Pradjeat)

6 – 9 Months

2. Khan

(Yellow Pradjeat)

3 – 6 Months

1. Khan

(White Pradjeat)

0 – 3 Months





Minimum training: two 2-hour lessons per week.



Jogging, skipping and footwork                              5-10 minutes



Lower and upper body                                                          5-10 minutes




Counting in Thai from 1-10


Raised-knee block.                                                          Total 60 times

Outside raised-knee block

left and right alternately at low level                                             10 times

left and right alternately at medium leve                                       10 times

left and right alternately at high level                                            10 times

Inside-knee block.

right alternately at low level                                                         10 times

 right alternately at medium Jeve                                                 10 times

 right alternately at high level                                                       10 times


Fighting stance correct guard position, according to boxer's hand use; if he isright-handed, he shouldput his left hand forward, in order that he can put his weight behind the right hand with which he is more skilful, so he will be able to attack his opponent powerfully.

Leg position:                                                                   the distance between legs

Hand position:                                                                                 the level of hands

Transferring weight:                                               from front to back and reverse


Footwork techniques                                                                      5-10 minutes Forward and backward movement (seub ), slow and quick.

Muay Thai style turning at the edge of the ring.

Thai style movement in half circle.


Basic punching techniques ( mand )

Staight punch ( mand dtrohng) 10 left and 10 right,  

leftright 5times, then right­left for 5 times.                                        Total 30 times

Uppercut punch ( mand suhy) 10 left and 10 right,left -

right 5  times, then right-left 5 times                                                  Total 30 times

Hook punch ( mand khohk) 10 left and 10 right ,

left - right -       5 times                                                                            Total 30 times

Punch combinations ( mand pahsohm ) : comprising straight

punch     and uppercut,uppercut and straight punch,straight punch and hook,hook and straight punch, hook and uppercut, and uppercut       and,hook, 5 times each.                                                                      Total 30 times


Elbow technique

Elbow hit ( sawk dtee) : lift the elbows 45 degrees,

left 5 times, right 5 times, left right then right-left 5 times.            Total 20 times

Elbow cut ( sawk dtand ) : cut with elbow then move forwards,

left 5 times, right 5 times,

left - right 5 times, then right-left 5 times                                          Total 20 times

Elbow combinations ( sawk pahsohm)

Elbow hit then cut, left-right, then   right-left;                                    Total 10 times

Elbow cut then hit, left-right, then right-teft                                       Total 10 times


Knee techniques

Straight knee ( khao dtrohng or khao tohn)

without holding on by hand,right 10 times and left 10 times     Total 20 times

Side angle knee (khao chiang)

without holding on by hand, right 10 times and left 10 times    Total 20 times


Thrust (teep) and Kick (dteh) techniques

Front push kick (teep dtrohng) : low teep at the opponent's shin,

right 10 times and left 10 times, left-right 5 times,

then right-left 5 times                                                                             Total 30 times

Front push kick (teep dtrohng) : teep at the opponent's stomach,

right 10 times and left 10 times, left-right 5 times,

then right-left 5 times                                                                             Total 30 times

30-degree Roundhouse kick (dteh chiang) :

ow kick, right 10 timesand left 10 times, left-right 5 times,

then right-left 5 times                                                                             Total 30 times

kick to the body, right 10 times and left 10 times, left-ritht 5

times, then right-left 5 times                                                                Total 30 times


Blocking and defence against the opponent's punches.

Blocking with the hand.

Blocking with the elbow.

Bending the body to avoid the punch by using side step movement or

inside slip.


Combinations of various boxing weapons on pad or bag  2 min. Combinations of punching and kicking, punching and thrusting,

punching and kneeing, thrusting and kicking, and kicking and kneeing.





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